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New York Diaries: Week #1

Time flies when you’re having fun. That might not be a pretty pretty postcard quote, it might have a germ of truth to it. My first week as a New Yorker is already over. Here’s my recap.

Last week was quite intense – a long journey (though not the longest I ever had), a heavy suitcase, little sleep, a (almost) new city with shitty public transportation, new manners, a new job. No wonder the last seven days flew by like, what? Oh yeah, as you might already have noticed, I even switched language. I consider it appropriate, as I by now even dream in English, to turn my blog into a German-free zone.

For the rest of this year 2016, I’m going to document my months abroad. Tell you what I was up to, what I bought, what I remembered, plus some must-do’s if you ever visit this crazy, dirty, noisy city that so many people consider as non-plus ultra. Follow me through New York.

Four seasons in one week

Last week was pretty much defined by it’s crazy weather. I landed in New York, precisely speaking Newark / New Jersey on the 30th of October, at pretty muggy 25 degrees. Sure thing, I was wrapped up in my warmest winter jacket to spare some space in my already up-to-the-limit suitcase. When I left the metro at 125th Street, Manhattan, after almost killing myself and those behind me on the stairs (in New York, escalators are rare), I escaped into pouring rain (and, guess what, you wouldn’t want to experience rainfalls in NY either, as – surprise! – drains are not working). I can’t tell you how much I hated this city after only half an hour.

One day later, I fell in love with Harlem, my hood for the next two months. You know all those cheesy „Step up“ „Save the last dance“ romantic New York movies with people singing and dancing on the streets to hip hop music from an old recorder? Well, that is Harlem. No, I didn’t make up the recorder thing. They still have them. Walking down Lenox Ave by times feels like taking part in a 90ies Lil‘ Kim music clip. On that day I decided to make the small deli in East Harlem (yeah, I dared to) my go-to supermarket, as the owner tries to purchase everything locally. I already found my regular café (which is not Starbucks), I skip red lights like they all do, fast and furious, always on the run, always almost running not walking, even if you’re not on the run. New York is a busy place.

Work last week was all about Hillary. Hillary and her emails, Hillary and her hair, Hillary and her chances. Let’s hope she’s gonna make it, polls are looking bad right now. YES, I turned into kind of election expert, though one week ago I only knew that Trump is a dumbass. Four days at Focus Magazine („comparable to the TIME magazine in the U.S.“) and I’m complete absorbed with Hilz and old photos from her time as First Lady (yes, I die for old photos, aren’t they great?). Not gonna bother you with any more politics.

Long story short: I already had one or two „Carrie Moments“ (more to come), I already adapted to the U.S. keyboard, which is why it takes an eternity to write this text as I’m always mistaking the z for y, and the – for ? oh well .. and I’m really hoping for winter to come as my closet is totally not for those late New Yorker summer days in November.

Get the details

Where I’ve been: Harlem (hood), East Harlem, Midtown (office life), West Village, Financial District / Downtown.
All-week high: Saturday, 16,2km & 21.896 steps

What I remembered:
– the phone call with fashion icon Iris Apfel (yes, I know her mobile number and her adresses, envy me)
– being knocked down by someone jogging up 5th Ave (sure thing to do, I mean, people do go for a run at Marienplatz on Saturdays, why not?)
– going to a bar with a friend to end up with her friends, all being PhD’s of astronomy, and you being the only journalist (quickly being degraded from „ohh politics? economics? you must be so intelligent!“ to „ahh people journalism .. well, you know academic life is really tough.“ DUDE I know, I have been to uni for God’s sake) but having a fun night nevertheless. at least they didn’t think it’s all champagne and oysters
– getting complimented on the street for your smile (I don’t remember what I was thinking about)

What I bought: Sweater from Zara (found guilty), first Gingerbread latte at Starbucks (found guilty again)

Where to go: Mess Hall in Harlem, Lenox Café in Harlem, Jack’s Wife Freda in West Village

What to eat: Burgers at Harlem Shake (nope, not kidding) after happy hour at Mess Hall, always and forever SHAKE SHACK

Photo Credits: Evali, Getty Images (Hilz), Weekday

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