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New York Diaries: Week #2

Time flies when … Wait, are we still having fun? The last week really put my affinity for New York and the US to the test.

Guess what, last week was really tough. Not only I had to fight with New York, New York as well had to fight. This week has definitely worn me out. As consequence, I have not so much delighted, creative thoughts to deliver as last week.

For the rest of this year 2016, I’m going to document my months abroad. Tell you what I was up to, what I bought, what I remembered, plus some must-do’s if you ever visit this crazy, dirty, noisy city that so many people consider as non-plus ultra. Follow me through New York.

Well, here we go: My friends and I went to an election party at the Bowery Hotel on Tuesday. Oh yeah, let’s go, sounds like fun in a very instagramable, fashionable location in East Village! Turns out, it wasn’t much of a party, unless you measure a party by the amount of drinks served. As Ellen DeGeneres summed it up pretty well: „The big winner [of this election] was alcohol“. And the bars serving it, I guess. Seldom had such nerve-wrecking hours, with every state turned red. Stayed up until 3am just to see a carrot with his own merchandise becoming president of the United States (the only funny thing about his election speech was is 10-year-old son Barrot, rolling eyes at his father, obviously thinking what the hell am I doing here? Why do I have to wear a suit at 3am in the morning put me back to sleep). Congratulations, America. What were you thinking?

Same thoughts apparently went for New Yorkers as well. On Wednesday, people were traumatized, the city was quiet and gloomy, there was no sun, there was no traffic, no sirens, nothing. Trauma lasted the whole week, even at work. Got worse when first signs of racism and sexism popped up, stories that even the most perverted mind couldn’t make up. Who’s the one to do some research? Me, ha. Life is fun, isn’t it? Honestly, as much as the shock and disgust mobilised me to get a good story, I prefer Sarah Lombardi cheating on her husband (and weeks ago I thought that would have shaken my little world. Haha, good one …).

Any good vibes that survived Trump’s election? People marching up the streets of New York, demonstrating (as if New York would be the problem)? The wall of post-it at 14th st metro station? Hmm, I signed up for a gym, turns out this was a good idea, as wandering the streets alone does not free me from frustration and aggression. Planet Fitness it is, and yah, I quite like it.

Get the details

Where I’ve been: Harlem (hood), East Village, Midtown (office life), West Village, Williamsburg (Brooklyn).
All-week high: Tuesday, 9,2km & 12.584 steps (lame!)

What I remembered:
– the election, the election party not party, the silence ever after
– getting American pizza at the gym (first Mondays each month, call it customer loyalty
– getting a moscow mule in a plain vanilla glass (wtf?)
– getting called a b*tch by an elderly black lady (now that’s what I call integrity)

What I bought: dozens of Matcha latte (yes, one was Starbucks, I’m sorry), another sweater (well …), fluffy slippers & a candle (both at Williamsburg artists&fleas)

Where to go: Gotan in Williamsburg, The Bowery (on happier occasions), Trader Joe’s (Cliff Bars in allen erdenklichen Sorten!)

What to eat: banana pudding at Magnolia Bakery

Photo Credits: Evali

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