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New York Diaries: Week #3

I have to admit, the past week was not so special, not to say boring. I lived life like a New Yorker, period.

So this past week was without any great sensations, feelings, happenings – how boring and delightfully easy. We had a few rainy days, which left me with the opportunity to binge-watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I didn’t go to the gym that much, instead I bought a jar of Nutella (dammit!) on Saturday. No worries, it’s almost gone by now, and I am typing these words on a Monday evening. Yes, I do have a weakness for Nutella as much as for fries.

Talking of fries, I had really thick, potato-ish french fries, which were anything but french, but hey, I’m not gonna be picky (I didn’t have any other option, as apparently it is not season for funnel cake anymore …). Did I mention that they only served ketchup with the fries? There’s nothing like going out in style.

So, what did I actually do the past seven days? Besides Netflix, I had a really good day in Coney Island (I love the seaside!) at 17 degrees and a very yummy dinner with my office girls, before heading out for some drinks. This, I am not afraid to say, was the only actual activity of New York week #3. Guess I adjusted to the city, just living here, without making a fuss about going here, doing that, letting the short period of time I have in this place making me go cray-cray. Nope.

I already know the people living in my street, exchanging „How are you?“s in the morning and in the evening. Actually it’s only one huuuge man with a deeeeep voice, very authentic teddy bear kind of type, fair enough.

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Where I’ve been: Harlem (hood), Nolita, Midtown (office life), Coney Island.
All-week high: Saturday, 11,9km & 16.223 steps

What I remembered:
– the guys fishing at Coney Island Pier, selling those huge ones for 20$ each („you want the head, too?“)
– the guy seriously operating a whoopee cushion, leaving us in disbelief (until he laughed at us – and tried it again five blocks later)

What I bought: dozens of Matcha latte (yes, again, I can’t help it), a Harley Davidson top (vintage!), a skirt & leather leggings

Where to go: Ngam (East Village)

What to eat: Red Thai Curry at Ngam

Photo Credits: Evali

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