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New York Diaries: Week #4

This week was a short week and a much longer weekend. I had even two Thanksgiving meals. And I walked down Manhattan in one day.

Apparently, during my stay in New York I am able to witness all main US holidays – except for the 4th of July. I survived Halloween, and now I experienced the celebration of Thanksgiving (which, for Americans, is a more important holiday than Christmas). I had an unplanned friendsgiving lunch with the girls (we wanted to have brunch but the menu only had turkey on it), great talks over coffee, cake and truffle fries afterwards, and at home my roommate surprised me with another thanksgiving dinner. Needless to say I slept like a baby that day. Too. Much. Food.

But I appreciated that someone, who barely knows me, made the effort and cooked for me. Roastbeef, brussel sprouts, mashed potatos, risotto and apple pie (God that apple pie!) That’s what thanksgiving is about, right? Spending time together, being thankful for what we got. Guess she is right. Thanksgiving possibly is the least commercial holidays in the US (or anywhere in the world), and I really like the thought that’s behind Turkey Day.

As if I hadn’t eaten enough on Thanksgiving, I had a spontaneous brunch date on friday (which was holidays as well, yay!). We spent the day dragging our fat selves through Soho, somehow ending up in 5th avenue – in the middle of Christmas chaos. I’ve heard before that as soon as Turkey Day is over, it’s all about getting your money in pre-Christmas sales, but hell that friday was much more than just black friday. Forget about the two girls with their, and I do not exaggerate, 30 bags from Victoria’s Secret, piling them up in front of the store to get a cab to bring them home. Forget about the guys from the Salvation Army, ringing their way through the day to the sound of either Jingle Bells or Taylor Swift (they do this for two weeks now. Not much Christmas feelings coming up at 17 degrees). Saks Fifth Avenue, blasting Christmas choirs to underline their Christmas light show, awakens the Grinch in every oh-so-great Christmas lover (namely: me). Remember: Midtown around Christmas time is something to avoid like Times Square every day. Too many slowly walking tourists packed with bunches of bags.

Oh, and as the weekend was incredibly long, I spent saturday at home, watching the Gilmore Girls revival (and I hated it). Which was why I decided to walk even more on Sunday, walking(!) from Harlem to Meatpacking, through the whole Central Park, to Herald Square and down the Highline, chasing sunset at The Standard, and up to Herald Square again.

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Where I’ve been: Harlem (hood), West Village, Soho, Midtown (office life), Central Park, Highline.
All-week high: Sunday, 16,4km & 22.227 steps

What I remembered:
– Saks Fith Avenue Christmas horror
– the talks at La Pecora Bianca
– empty streets on Thanksgiving, no cars, no cabs
– the loss of one of my Australia rings (dammit!)

What I bought: dozens of Matcha latte (again, I’m addicted), a faux fur coat (black friday sale!)

Where to go: Cafeteria (West Village), Lenox Saphire (Harlem), The Standard (Meatpacking)

What to eat: Hot Chocolate Cake (at Cafeteria)

Photo Credits: Evali

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