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New York Diaries: Week #5

Half of my New York life is already over. So what now?

Surely the clock works different in a city that never sleeps – and doesn’t let you get any sleep. Still I haven’t figured out what it is with the so-called New York minute. Is it that in New York minutes just fly by? Or does it mean that what only feels like a minute in fact is a much longer time elsewhere? Or is this even the same? I can’t really get my head around it. Nevermind.

Fact is, that week #5 was determined by little sleep. I don’t know why, but I always woke up tired and went to bed even more tired. Besides the bags under my eyes, which are getting bigger and darker with each day (week, minute ..), it was an unexcited week. Lighting of the Christmas Tree in front of the Rockefeller Center (well, I skipped it, it was cold, it was raining, I was wearing a skirt and I guess by now I am just too much New Yorker to actually care about the lighting of a tree which will be there for another five weeks). But hey, it looks pretty nevertheless. Crowds are getting bigger and bigger, so holiday season is around the corner for sure, and I have to adjust my walking speed to the crowds of tourists (might be a good preparation for when my mother is going to visit and I have to let my always-busy self go). We had a farewell dinner for a friend who left us on Sunday, which called for truffle fries and lots of anecdotes. And that’s about it. I feel a cold creeping up but I won’t let it hit me (well, at least let’s hope so).

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Where I’ve been: Harlem (hood), West Village, Little Italy, Tribeca, Dumbo (Brooklyn), Brooklyn Bridge.
All-week high: Sunday, 12,2km & 16.460 steps

What I remembered:
– wedding high time in Dumbo (means a lot of photo shootings against the Manhattan skyline / Williamsburg Bridge)
– those cafés that don’t accept cash (I mean ???)

Photo Credits: Evali

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