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2016: What made me happy, what made me grateful

While most of people are still gushing about their cyber week finds and the big deals (and I am not completely guilt-free when it comes to sale shopping), I tried to step back a little and concentrate on the upcoming weeks as much as on the past months.

I guess it’s each year around the dawn of December, when I begin to realise how fast the year flew by, and I try to take the shorter days for some reconsideration of what I did, what I experienced and how far I’ve come in the past 12 months. I especially love to flip through my annual calendar and recover the happenings for each month. As it turns out, a lot slips the mind during the year, and it is a great feeling to actually recall long forgotten events, happenings & happy moments. It leaves me even more grateful for the year that lies behind me, and I can be proud of what I accomplished. Even feelings of fear and sadness are worth a throwback, as they add to our experiences and make us grow. I think it’s important to appreciate them too, they paved your path as well.

Well, normally I do this all in oldschool analogue diary style and keep it private, but as you guys are most interested in personal articles, I thought about sharing the moments in 2016 which I am most grateful for – and the things I am most proud of.

I guess the one thing that I can easily pin down as

one of my greatest accomplishments

is that this year I finished my master studies parallel to my traineeship at BUNTE.de. It took a lot of determination and madness to draw myself to two such time-consuming commitments at once. I put three semesters of classes into two to be free for the journalism school, and ended up writing my master’s thesis in the evenings after my fulltime job. Safe to say that it was nerve-wrecking to come up with clever scholarly thoughts after 8 hours of work and comparably easy-going writing at my job. The more I am proud that I finished my studies with 1,92. That’s a thing I clearly didn’t dream of after so much struggle with this effing thesis the whole summer.

I am grateful for …

… the time living in New York working at Burda’s correspondence bureau, which might be a once-in-a-lifetime chance and experience

… surely my family and friends, which stand by me (even though I might have forgotten birthdays or missed to call for months on end) and which stand up to me when I go crazy – but that’s a given all year round

… the possibility to do what I really love doing as a job: writing & creating

… my dearest (and my very self) being healthy, besides all daily struggles. Walking the streets of New York with the ambulance stuck in traffic on a daily basis (seemingly stuck there forever), the ear-piercing siren right next to you, makes you even more happy to be safe and sound. Clearly health is nothing we can influence a 100%, yet the horrible siren makes me thankful for every lucky moment, as those moments can pass by so quickly. Hands down to the postcard quote: Live every day minute as if it was your last.

… being able to travel. Surely I didn’t get to see as much places as in 2015 (which was a crazy year), yet I am thankful for the possibility to see the world (or parts of it), to broaden my mind and my perspective and get to know people and cultures. Even if it’s only Berlin. Or Hamburg, or Italy. Or, well, New York.

… almond butter with vanilla & coconut. Seriously the best find to match my banana toast. Makes my day (morning, afternoon & night).

… all those minor crises that made me aware of the fact that damn, I live a pretty good life. Here’s to a 2017 full of first-world problems!

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